TV Gids Sky 1 vandaag

Je vindt hier de tv gids van Sky 1 voor vandaag. We hebben de volgende programma's op Sky 1 voor vandaag: Hawaii Five-0: Remake of the iconic series. A luau turns into a nightmare when the body of Danny's ex partner is found in the barbecue. Animal House New Zealand: Documentary series shining a spotlight on the staff at SPCA Auckland, who dedicate their days to the care and. The Simpsons: A stranger claims that Principal Skinner is an imposter. (1997). Duck Quacks Don't Echo: Lee Mack hosts the panel show that test runs the world's most startling facts, with guests Rob Beckett, Victoria Coren. Most Shocking Criminals Out of Control 6: Fast paced clip show which exposes some of the most outrageous challenges the police have to face on the street. Caught on Dashcam: A countdown of the most incredible, hilarious and spectacular real life crashes in the world, all caught on dashcam. Brit Cops: War on Crime: The fifth season of the explosive documentary series follows Lincolnshire cops as they fight crime across one of the. The Simpsons: Bart desperately wants a brother to bond with, but Marge and Homer are not so enthusiastic about the idea of another. The Simpsons: Bart, Lisa and their classmates fight for survival when they become stranded on a remote island. Jack Reacher: IMDB * 7 - Action thriller with Tom Cruise stepping into the shoes of novelist Lee Child's heroic hard man. After years off the radar, former military investigator Jack Reacher is drawn out of the shadows when a trained army sniper, arrested for the. Dat was het voor de tvgids van Sky 1 voor vandaag .

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