TV Gids Cbeebies vandaag

Je vindt hier de tv gids van Cbeebies voor vandaag. We hebben de volgende programma's op Cbeebies voor vandaag: This Is CBeebies: . Swashbuckle: Pirate themed physical game show. Captain Captain demands that Cook and Line stop an annoying creaking sound that. The Furchester Hotel: Herhaling. Preschool puppet show. Elmo and Phoebe are determined not to fall asleep so they can meet Mr Screech the. Alphablocks: Educational fun. The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. H needs a. Yakka Dee: Preschool series encouraging very young children to speak. Dee encourages a friend to say 'cloud' and we go on a. Kit and Pup: Herhaling. Preschool series introducing children to scientific opposites and materials. Kit and Pup are on a walk in a. Numberblocks: The animated adventures of friends who can always count on each other. When there's nothing there to count and none is. Bing: Herhaling. Children's animation series. As Bing gets ready to go to Sula's house, he feels sneezy and hot, so Flop. Woolly and Tig: Live action children's show. When Tig has chickenpox she finds getting better difficult. Woolly helps to make Tig's. Something Special: Using a sign language called Makaton, Something Special helps its audience learn how to communicate as well as develop. Dat was het voor de tvgids van Cbeebies voor vandaag .

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