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Vr 31 augustus 2018 | 12:00 Wanted Down Under

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Wanted Down Under

Vr 31 augustus 2018
12:00 tot 12:45

Seizoen 10 - Aflevering 10 - Bennett Family: Series in which families face the biggest decision of their lives. After spending a trial week living in Australia or New Zealand - examining property, jobs and the lifestyle - will they choose to make the move to the other side of the world for good?

Charlie and Stephanie Bennett have suffered a series of tragic events. Determined to give his children the best life possible, Charlie believes his long-held dream to emigrate to Australia could be the answer.

But not everyone in the family is so keen to make the move. Son Max worries about leaving his friends behind, and for Stephanie, emigrating could mean saying goodbye to her grandparents for the last time.

With none of the family having set foot in Australia before, will a trial week spent living in Queensland see the country live up to Charlie's expectations? And will he be able to convince his whole family it's the ideal location for a new beginning?

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