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Di 19 november 2019 | 22:00 Vera

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Di 19 november 2019
22:00 tot 00:00
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Herhaling. Detective drama series set in the north east of England.

DCI Stanhope investigates the discovery of a teenage boy's body in a shipyard. Listed as a missing person, the boy had absconded from the care of his support worker.

Vera discovers that the quiet community where he was found is plagued by a serious drugs problem, despite the fact that the only known dealer in the area has turned his back on crime. The victim could be the answer to the mystery, but a wall of silence surrounds his death.

With Brenda Blethyn, Kenny Doughty, Jon Morrison, Ibinabo Jack, and Paul Kaye.(2019)

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Drugs discovery dealer england detective problem vera morrison silence the discovery community drama series crime wall.