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Zo 24 juni 2018 | 23:00 Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered

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Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered

Zo 24 juni 2018
23:00 tot 00:00
BBC Four

Herhaling. Documentary looking into what killed King Tutankhamun.

Ever since his spectacular tomb was discovered, the boy king has been the most famous pharaoh of all ancient Egypt. But his mysterious death, at just 19 years old, has never been explained.

Presenter Dallas Campbell reveals new scientific research and carries out unique experiments to get to the truth. For the first time, a virtual autopsy of Tut's mummified body reveals astonishing secrets about the pharaoh.

Using CT scan data, the programme creates the first full-size, scientifically accurate image of the real Tutankhamun. Brand new DNA analysis uncovers a shocking secret about Tut's family background, and the genetic trail of clues leads to a radical and revolutionary new theory to explain Tut's sudden and unexpected death.

This is an epic detective story that uncovers the extraordinary truth of the boy behind the golden mask.

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