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Di 17 april 2018 | 17:15 Tigers About the House

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Tigers About the House

Di 17 april 2018
17:15 tot 18:15

Herhaling. Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe are now eight weeks old and have started exploring Giles Clark's home - they have become a big handful.

These cubs offer real hope to the future of wild Sumatran tigers and Giles believes that raising them at home for the first four months of their lives will give them the best possible chance of survival, and will raise the profile of tiger conservation. Giles visits the rainforest of Sumatra, home of the tigers in the wild, to see at first hand the horrors of poaching and persecution.

Back at home the cubs are going from strength to strength. Giles feeds them meat, which brings out some very adult tiger behaviours.

He also encourages their development by allowing them outside for the first time. (2014)

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