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Ma 16 april 2018 | 17:15 Tigers About the House

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Tigers About the House

Ma 16 april 2018
17:15 tot 18:15

Herhaling. Series following British tiger expert Giles Clark as he hand rears sumatran tiger cubs at home.

Spot and Stripe are sumatran tiger cubs born at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, and are genetically the most important youngsters of their species in the world. To help give them the best start, the first four months of their lives are spent in the home of their keeper and tiger expert, Giles Clark.

Growing up in a suburban Australian family home, where they are completely reliant on their foster dad Giles, brings trials, tribulations and real hope for the future of their species. As these cubs struggle through their first crucial weeks, Giles embarks upon a tough parenting job. (2014)

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