Tigers about the House: What Happened Next

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Vr 20 april 2018
17:15 tot 18:15

Herhaling. Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe are now almost a year old and living at Australia Zoo in Queensland under the care of their surrogate dad, British tiger expert Giles Clark.

The Clark family - Giles, wife Kerri and nine-year-old son Kynan - are on a road trip through Indonesia with a mission to save tigers in the wild, getting up close and personal with the jungle's iconic species, from orangutans to elephants and tigers. It is a million miles away from the suburbs they are used to.

They see the harsh reality of tiger poaching when they visit injured tigers caught in snares. Kerri is pushed to her limits as the family trek deep into tiger territory and they experience some of the rainforest's creepy crawlies.

Giles concocts an ambitious plan to save injured tigers in the wild. Back in Australia, Spot and Stripe are days away from their first birthday and will no longer be classed as cubs.

Giles must guide the brothers through teenage rebellion to adulthood. (2014)

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