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Wo 29 augustus 2018 | 01:15 The Real Marigold Hotel

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The Real Marigold Hotel

Wo 29 augustus 2018
01:15 tot 02:15
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Seizoen 3 - Aflevering 3 - A group of celebrities travel to Udaipur in India to test retirement there. The group are now settled into life in Udaipur and are ready to explore further afield.

Country lovers Bob, Susan and Selina want to see more of rural Rajasthan and head into the hills to go horse riding and camping, but it is not quite the trip they imagined. Over the campfire they open up about the difficult times in their lives.

Meanwhile, in Udaipur, Syd and Ian continue their Indian cookery lessons, Stanley relives his youth on the back of a motorcycle, and Stephanie explores her inner self through meditation. The group end the week with a trip to Gujarat for one of India's biggest annual festivals, Navratri, but to get there involves a 12-hour journey on a sleeper train.

After attempting to learn a Gujarati folk dance, they get kitted out in traditional costumes and join thousands of worshippers for a night of celebrations for the Hindu warrior goddess Durga.

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