The Real Marigold Hotel

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Wo 5 september 2018
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Seizoen 3 - Aflevering 4 - After a month of testing the waters to see whether they could live a life of retirement in India, the group's stay is coming to an end. The senior citizens make the most of their last week together, with some enjoying the last of what the local city has to offer while others are setting off on ventures further afield.

Susan, Syd and the Krankies visit the pilgrimage town of Pushkar, where loved ones are remembered and relationships are celebrated. Closer to home, Bob delves into the world of natural medicine and has his first Ayurvedic treatment.

Stephanie continues her spiritual journey and takes Susan to see a palmist and astrologer, while Stanley organises a final cricket match between the senior citizens and their new local friends. The month comes to an end with a final party and a musical rendition from Syd.

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