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Zo 15 november 2020 | 01:20 The Bridge

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The Bridge

Zo 15 november 2020
01:20 tot 02:20
BBC Four
Drama, Serie, Thriller
Mikael Birkkjær, Thure Lindhardt, Sarah Boberg, Maria Kulle, Sofia Helin, Julie Carlsen
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Seizoen 4 - Aflevering 2

Saga wants to return to work following her traumatic assault, but while Henrik wants to have her on the investigation, Lillian takes some convincing. Saga remains obsessed with finding Henrik's daughters, while he wonders if he will have to give in to the idea that they are no longer alive in order to finally move on. The investigation into Margrethe Thormod's murder continues, with suspicion falling on a radical left wing group and a refugee who has gone missing after being rejected for asylum. In Danish and Swedish.

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