Talk to the Animals

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Za 20 oktober 2018
11:00 tot 12:00

Lucy Cooke is a zoologist and animal explorer on a worldwide quest to crack the animal code. In this programme Lucy meets up with scientists who are finding out how animals communicate with their friends and enemies, and even what they say to the neighbours.

She meets spotted hyenas, chickadees and vervet monkeys that use complex calls to warn and help each other when they are threatened. Lucy is introduced to the only bat in the world that can eavesdrop on frogs, and she witnesses the first recorded instance of animals communicating using infrared - a heated discussion between a Californian ground squirrel and a rattlesnake.

Next, Lucy wants to explore how animals communicate with their friends. She learns that horses recognise their friends and that dolphins don't just greet each other - they all have unique signatures or names.

For the final leg of her journey, Lucy meets two incredible birds who talk to their neighbours. episode 2.

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