Roy Orbison: Love Hurts

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Vr 15 februari 2019
00:00 tot 13:00

Roy Orbison's legacy as a beloved rock legend and a devoted father is revealed through intimate interviews with his three surviving sons, featuring previously unseen home videos. As one of rock 'n' roll's pioneers he achieved superstar status in the 60s, writing and releasing a series of smash singles such as Oh, Pretty Woman, Only the Lonely, In Dreams and Crying.

But while his professional life was full of triumph, Roy suffered terrible misfortune in his personal life, losing his wife and two of his children in successive tragedies, rebuilding his life by relying on his music to distract him from desolation. Alex, Roy Jnr and Wesley Orbison discuss the immense talent and fierce determination that provided the driving force behind their father's incredible success and the dedication to Roy's family that helped create a strong spiritual base to escape the pressures of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.(2017)

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