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Za 19 mei 2018 | 00:00 Rise of the Continents

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Rise of the Continents

Za 19 mei 2018
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BBC Four
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Herhaling. In the first episode of a series looking at the formation of the Earth's continents, geologist Professor Iain Stewart shows how Africa was created from the wreckage of a long-lost supercontinent.

He discovers clues in its spectacular landmarks, mineral wealth and iconic wildlife which help piece together the story of Africa's formation. But he also shows how this deep history has left its mark on the modern-day Africa and the world.

His journey starts at Victoria Falls, created by vast volcanic eruptions 180 million years ago. Scrambling up the sides of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, he finds small marine creatures which reveal that this part of Africa was once a shallow sea, formed when Africa was created.

In the arid Western Desert he reveals 17m-long skeletons of early whales buried in the sand. (2013)

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