Rick Stein's Long Weekends

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Zo 5 april 2020
03:30 tot 04:30
Rick Stein's Long Weekends
Rick Stein, David Pritchard

Seizoen 1 - Aflevering 10 - Palermo

The chef visits Palermo in northern Sicily, a city echoing Arab, North African, French, Spanish and Italian influences, making its cuisine unique and irresistible. Pine nuts, raisins, almonds and golden breadcrumbs are combined with flavours of sun-ripened tomatoes, lemons and the finest olive oil to create a range of unforgettable dishes. Rick witnesses locals celebrating a festival in honour of Palermo's patron saint Rosalia, and receives a cookery lesson from a real-life duchess. At home he cooks Marsala chicken, a Sicilian classic served in UK bistros since the 1960s.

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