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Vr 22 januari 2021 | 22:30 Not Going Out

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Not Going Out

Vr 22 januari 2021
22:30 tot 23:00
Comedy, Serie, Sitcom
Ahmed Elhaj, Susie Blake, Sally Bretton, Nick Wood, Lee Mack, Bobby Ball, Victoria Grove

Seizoen 11 - Aflevering 3 - Carol

Frank announces his engagement, but Lee cannot believe that any woman would want to marry his father so Lucy invites Frank and his beau Carol to dinner to allay Lee's misgivings. When Carol turns out to be perfect, Lee becomes even more nervous fearing that if she dumps his dad, it'll be his shoulder that he will cry on. In an effort to determine Carol's motivations, Lee joins Frank's dating app and puts himself forward as a potential date for her. If she bites, he will know she's up to no good. Comedy, starring Lee Mack, Bobby Ball and Sally Bretton, with a guest appearance by Susie Blake.

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