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Vr 15 september 2017 | 00:15 Mountain: Life at the Extreme

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Mountain: Life at the Extreme

Vr 15 september 2017
00:15 tot 01:15

Andes. Wildlife series from the BBC's Natural History Unit which uses breathtaking photography to take viewers to the greatest mountain ranges of the world to reveal the extraordinary animals and remarkable people who make their homes there.

The Andes is the longest mountain range in the world and home to astonishing hidden worlds, extraordinary animals and remarkable people. A female puma and her three cubs hunt in the mountains of the frozen south.

Spectacled bears search for water on scorched mountain forests and the descendants of the Inca gather in an ancient ceremony to build a bridge made from woven grass. High in the cloud forest, a newly discovered shape-shifting frog baffles scientists with its superpowers, and in the Atacama desert - the driest place in the world - strange reptiles battle for access to precious water.

This is the mountain range of surprise and wonder.

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