MasterChef: The Professionals

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Do 7 januari 2021
04:00 tot 05:00
Culinair, Game Show, Competition, Cookery, Cooking, Food, Drink, Food and Drink
, Monica Galetti, Gregg Wallace, David Ambler, Tony Crumpton

Aflevering 2 - MasterChef the Professionals: A Festive Knockout

Four of the most memorable professional chefs from past series - Steve Barringer, Exose Grant Lopo-Ndigna, Oli Martin and Olivia Burt - are invited to return to the MasterChef kitchen to compete in a festive-themed special. First, the chefs have the chance to relive the much-feared Skills Test, and catch up with judges on how their careers have progressed since taking part in the competition. Later, they are tasked to create a seasonally themed two-course menu in two-and-half hours to impress the judges.

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