Maddie's Do You Know?

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Za 23 november 2019
15:45 tot 16:00

Herhaling. In today's episode, Maddie is finding out about the weather.

She discovers why we have clouds and rain and how the water cycle works. We learn there are lots of different types of clouds but the clouds that make rain are called nimbus clouds.

Maddie visits the national weather centre where they make the weather reports. She finds out how satellites high up in space can see the clouds moving and tell us when it might rain.

Next, Maddie visits a radiator factory to find out how radiators are made to keep our houses warm. We see how big flat sheets of metal are pressed to make grooves, like teeth.

The metal pieces are heated up and sealed together to make sure the water doesn't leak out. Maddie takes her special camera on a journey along the radiator 'washing line' and we see how the radiators are sprayed with special paint to make them shiny.(2019)

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