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Di 13 november 2018 | 21:00 Lego Masters

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Lego Masters

Di 13 november 2018
21:00 tot 22:00
Channel 4

Competition in which some of the UK and Ireland's best Lego builders do battle. Presenter Melvin Odoom invites the seven remaining teams to take part in the Lego Masters 'Drop Test'. Using just 1000 bricks, the teams must create a structure that will smash to pieces when dropped from a height.

The further the spread of broken bricks, the higher the score. Next, the teams put their creative hats on, as they step 'brick in time' to construct a scene from history.

From the Ice Age to Ancient Egypt to 1950s America, which historical scene will the judges like the best? Matthew Ashton and Fran Scott are joined on judging duty by comedian Paddy McGuinness.

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