Jack Whitehall's Sporting Nation

Eerstvolgende uitzending
Wo 5 augustus 2020
00:50 tot 01:20
Clyde Holcroft, Jack Whitehall, Jonathan Freedland, David Soutar

Seizoen 1 - Aflevering 4 - Class

Jack continues to take a light-hearted and nostalgia-filled look back at Britain's sporting history, telling the nation's story through its most iconic moments and characters. In this edition, he irreverently examines how class is woven into the DNA of British sport and how breaking its social boundaries can lead to incredible drama. Focusing on the fierce athletic rivalry of Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett, Fred Perry taking on the Wimbledon establishment and Andrew Flintoff destroying the Australians at the 2005 Ashes, British sport may well start divided, but has the ability to bring the nation together.

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