Eat Well for Less

Eerstvolgende uitzending
Wo 14 oktober 2020
09:00 tot 10:00
Fitness/Gezondheid, Health
Richard Beirne, Samantha Seager, Gregg Wallace, Chris Bavin, ,

Seizoen 7 - Aflevering 1 - The Macbeth Family

MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace and greengrocer Chris Bavin return to help more families with their food shopping, beginning with the Macbeth family in Windsor. Single mum Holly has her hands full looking after her two sons - 16-year-old Spencer and Fletcher, who is 11. Caring for Spencer, who has cerebral palsy, leaves Holly little time to cook, and as a result the family has become dependent on microwavable ready meals. While Spencer is happy to eat most foods, Fletcher - who has recently been diagnosed with autism - is fussier.

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