Dvořák - Carnival Ouverture, Op. 92, B. 169

Eerstvolgende uitzending
Za 17 april 2021
13:33 tot 13:52

The same procedure as every year…but not quite. With a star guest such as Joyce DiDonato and a truly diverse and diverting programme selected by the very Sir Simon himself for his last Gala from Berlin as the BPO’s chief conductor, you can be sure that this concert was anything but conventional routine. Join Joyce DiDonato, the Berliner Philharmoniker and Sir Simon Rattle and enjoy virtuous and ravishing interpretations. On the program Dvořák - Carnival, Stravinsky - Pas de deux from 'Apollon Musagète', Lieder by Richard Strauss, Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 1 and of course Leonard Bernstein, thus heralding the "Bernstein at 100 Centennial” as it were. They will perform three dance episodes from 'on the town'.

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