Britain's Best Home Cook

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Do 28 juni 2018
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Seizoen 1 - Aflevering 8 - The Final: Final. It's the final and Mary Berry, Dan Doherty and Chris Bavin raise the bar for the last time for the three remaining cooks before one of them is crowned the winner.

They will have to excel in all three challenges that count towards the final decision and determine the overall winner. First it's the recipe challenge when the cooks must follow the recipe to the letter.

The judges have chosen a summer classic and picnic favourite that requires precision, care and skill. Next it's the cooks' challenge which tests the cooks' inventiveness and creativity with a key ingredient.

This time the judges are not offering a choice but instead the finalists must make a dish that showcases chicken and mushrooms and create a dish in one hour. Then the cooks have three hours to prepare their ultimate main and pudding.

They'll also have to set their tables and play the host with just Claudia as back-up when serving. The judges must then make their final decision and crown one of them the winner.

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