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Za 28 april 2018 | 06:00 Bloody Tales of Europe

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Bloody Tales of Europe

Za 28 april 2018
06:00 tot 06:48
National Geographic
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Seizoen 1 - Aflevering 4 - Executions: What links a Scottish National hero, a Danish Viking Warrior and a Nazi SS Officer? All three experienced unusual and barbaric deaths by execution.

In BLOODY TALES - EXECUTIONS, Tudor historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and journalist Joe Crowley team up to investigate three extraordinary stories. Did it take three attempts to execute Amon Goeth, the Nazi commander of a labour camp in World War 2; was the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok really killed by a pit full of snakes?

And did William Wallace's punishment of death by hanging drawing and quartering, really fit the crime?

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