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Zo 21 april 2013 | 02:20 Black Eagle

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Black Eagle

Zo 21 april 2013
02:20 tot 03:55

American martial arts thriller from 1988 by director Eric Karson with Sho Kosugi (Ken Tani), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Andrei), Doran Clark (Patricia Parker) among others, in which KGB and CIA agents race to recover a crashed US jet fighter's hi-tech laser guidance system. The CIA dispatch top agent Ken Tani, a martial arts master who is determined to get to the device first.

Against a background of vicious kidnaps, deadly high-speed car chases and spectacular kung-fu fights, the Black Eagle thunders towards a confrontation with the brutal Russian operative, Andrei. Script: Shimon Arama, Michael Gonzales and A.E. Peters.

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