Bitz and Bob

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Di 10 december 2019
08:35 tot 08:45

Herhaling. Animated preschool series introducing children to science and engineering.

Princess Purl has one more task to complete to stay a princess. She must dance with the very rare Zippopopomus before the castle bell rings three times.

Everyone goes to look for it, but despite searching everywhere, no one can find it. Bob takes a rest to blow bubbles and suddenly the Zippopopomus appears, but as soon as the bubbles disappear, so does the rare creature.

With time running out, Bitz needs to figure out how to blow enough bubbles, and for long enough, so Purl can do her dance. With Dolly Heavey, Duke Davis, Rob Delaney, Maria Darling, and Marc Silk.(2018)

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